What grinds our gears: Snot snifflers during exams

Photo by Maxwell Gawlick / The Peak

Written by Kitty Cheung, Staff Writer

Imagine this: you’re sitting in a lecture hall writing your first midterm of the semester when – SFGGHHHSPHHHPHFFF. Your lecture neighbour snorts their mucus with the violent force of an elephant parade. Your focus shifts slightly from your Scantron as you shudder in disgust, concerned for your own health. You’re right in the line of fire for his sneeze spray, but you have no choice but to keep working on your exam until he snorts again — every minute for the entire duration of the midterm.

Look, I understand if you feel the need to come to class sick to avoid missing an exam. School is important, but so is your health — and more importantly, my health. Know that you’re putting others around you at risk of whatever contagion is spurting from your nose at a thousand kilometers per minute, and you shouldn’t be putting us in your quarantine zone.
The next time you’re ill during exam season, either talk to your prof and stay home, come to class prepared by downing some cold syrup or nasal spray, or at the very least, bring some damn tissues to cover up your horking. It’s not that hard to grab some toilet paper from the washroom and stuff it in your pocket.