What grinds our gears: People who smoke while walking on campus

Photo courtesy of @SFU via Twitter

Written by: Simran Randhawa, SFU Student

Most places have designated “smoke rooms” in order to reduce second-hand smoking, and all around SFU, there are specific written instructions not to smoke near grates or around people. Despite these, some people who are in a hurry tend to smoke on their way to or from one building to another.

I understand that smoking is addictive to a great extent and a way of relieving stress to some folks. However, others who don’t smoke didn’t sign up for this.

Walking and smoking is one of the epitomes of rudeness. Everyone walking behind you is now buried in an endless cloud of burnt cigarettes. God forbid the wind change direction, as the smoke then blasts right at me. If it’s raining, that cloud will even get trapped under my umbrella and keep me coughing even longer.

It’s bad enough that I have to unwillingly partake in this, but now I can’t walk without having to cover my mouth.

You want to smoke? Sure, have at it. Your body, your choice. But the same applies to people who choose not to. Don’t leave a cloud of smoke on the only paved path across AQ for others to cough on.

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