The Moment is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching woman-loving-woman novel

It’s an emotional investment that you won’t regret

Image courtesy of T. C. Anderson

Written by: Courtney Miller

Don’t let the cover fool you; if you’re expecting a cliché young adult romance, look elsewhere. The Moment is one book that I return to year after year because the way T. C. Anderson weaves words is artistry that deserves revisiting.

     You might mistake this book for a trope-filled storyline, but it’s so much more than that. For starters, it’s told in second person, immediately placing you within the context of the story, forcing you to experience the story as the characters live it.

     It’s also queer. Mia, adopted by rich parents, is a genius with few social skills and no friends. Jessie is superficially everything Mia isn’t: a poor C-average student with one good friend. They get partnered for a science project and their lives change. Jessie shows Mia how to have a childhood and Mia helps Jessie escape a man who purchased her from her mother.

      This is not your average love story. This is a story of class differences, learning to accept help, finding ways to stand on your own, and love that is beautiful and strong in whatever way. It’s about how one girl can impact everyone around her and fall down fighting, only to get right back up and fight some more. It’s about struggle, work, and recognizing that there are beautiful things and people in the world, even when the people closest to you perform the worst betrayals.

     I don’t have enough space to tell you everything I want to about why you should read this book, but I hope you give it a shot. I’m an English major. I’ve read a lot of books. And this might be the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering and opening my heart to.

     Note: There are some grammatical errors in the Amazon e-book. It’s an independently published book, so be kind. There are some trigger warnings for the novel: physical abuse, rape, child abuse, and other similar themes.