WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Vancouverites constantly complaining about the weather

Photo courtesy of Longevity Graphics

Written by Liam Wilson, Peak Associate

I thought that “So, how about the weather?” was just a joke phrase that was overused in entertainment to indicate when somebody has nothing else to say, but damn, Vancouverites showed me the error of my ways. No matter what the weather is outside, you can bet that you’ll hear somebody complaining about it.

Sunny outside? It’s too hot. Overcast? Too dark. A stiff breeze? Too windy. Perpetual rain? How will we ever survive? (Note: You’ll survive the same way you do for the other 300 days of rain you get each year.)

Look, I understand. It snowed half of a micrometre last night and now you can’t get your car out of the driveway. If you go any further east or north in Canada though, you’ll find that most people tend to just suck it up, scrape their windshields, and make sure they get their winter tires put on that week. Yes, though you may not know it, there are tires specifically made for the winter season.

When I talk to people, I love to hear about how they’re doing and what’s up in their lives. But please, if I hear one more time that it’s “never this hot in the summer” or that it’s “never this cold in the winter,” I will probably kill the nearest person. So if you absolutely have to bring up the current state of the sky and how “terrible” it is, just make sure you give me a wide berth.