Stuff we like and don’t like

(Elena Hsu / The Peak)

By: Amneet Mann

Stuff we like

Quality bagel service

There is at least one sane bagel supplier on campus — our beloved Renaissance Coffee. Yes, they may put all their chocolate chips in the middle of their cookies, and yes, their pseudo-Iced Capps are made with a questionable amount of sugar, but when I ask for peanut butter on a bagel, I get peanut butter on a bagel.

     You can find disappointment in a lot of places, but not in a Renaissance cinnamon French toast bagel that comes slathered with a thicc layer of peanut butter and cut into halves. That is what I call quality bagel service.


Stuff we don’t like

Do-it-yourself bagels

Twice this week, I needed food under a time crunch, and so I dropped by my local “convenient” campus food suppliers, Starbucks and Tim Hortons, with a simple request: “Can I get a toasted bagel with peanut butter?” Turns out, no, I can’t. What I can get is a toasted plain bagel with a separate packet of peanut butter and a plastic knife. Or, if I’m at Starbucks, I can get a separate packet of jam because they don’t even carry peanut butter.

      Campus bagel providers: I did not pay $1.69 so that I could take a pit stop to assemble my own bagel and contribute extra waste to our devastating landfills.