Stuff we like and don’t like

(Elena Hsu / The Peak)

By: Hannah Davis

Stuff We Like:

Re-watching The Office

It is no brag when I say that I have watched the show three times through . . . because I have spoken to people who have achieved that number and tripled it or better, leaving my three in the dust. One of my favourite aspects of the show is the way in which the writers have developed the character of Michael Scott (Steve Carell). His actions and words often make him entirely insufferable; and yet the writers have constructed him with such care that, incredibly, he is capable of redeeming himself at the end of each episode. The same dimensions and complexities are given to characters who may on the surface just appear uptight, or annoying, or mean. Excuse the cliché, but such is life: you’ll sometimes have to get to know a character in order to discover the really good stuff about them.


Stuff We Don’t Like:

Loose ground tiles at SFU

I don’t know if you’ve encountered these loose ground tiles, but if you haven’t, I guess you’re walking in all the right places. They can be spotted easily, but only retroactively. I have walked into quite a number of these in my undergrad career. They’re scattered about the outdoor walkways around West Mall and Convocation Mall, and when it rains, they fill with cold, cold water. I don’t know how the tiles get loose, but they crack and become slanted, and when stepped on at just the right angle (an angle I seem to always find), they will splash murky water up onto your pants and shoes. Worse yet, they get your socks wet. Watch the heck out for them.