A number of pamphlets are available in the Rotunda near the Women's Centre.

SFU students can access various sexual health resources and services at some of the university campuses.

Health and counselling services — Burnaby and Vancouver clinics

Health and counselling services offer confidential health services by doctors and nurses to address sexual health concerns.

These include birth control dispensing, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection testing, urinary tract infection testing, pap tests, and cervical cancer screenings as well as sexual violence support.

The clinic can take urine tests or swabs for some sexually transmitted infections, but does not take blood for HIV tests in the clinic, according to registered nurse Barb Chick. The hepatitis B and human papillomavirus vaccines are also are available at the clinic.

Doctors and nurses can also prescribe contraceptives sold at the clinic or through a pharmacy and, in addition, three doctors at the Burnaby campus are able to provide intrauterine device (IUD) methods of birth control.

The clinic also sees students for pregnancy testing, and in cases where the students request emergency contraceptives such as Plan B after unprotected sex.

Women’s Centre — the Rotunda, Burnaby campus

According to centre coordinator Leah Horlick, the Women’s Centre offers a variety of sexual health resources for members of the SFU community.

This includes internal and external condoms — including latex-free condoms — as well as lubricant, dental dams, and pregnancy tests free to people of all genders on campus. The resources are available in the lounge for all self-identified women as well as the all-genders resource area.

There are also a wide variety of pamphlets about sexual health, as well as community resources and crisis line numbers, located on a rack in the hallway outside the Rotunda under the “Need Help? Get Help!” banner.

The centre’s library also contains a wide variety of material on sexuality and sexual health — including resources specifically for people with disabilities, survivors of sexual violence, and trans and gender-queer folks.

Out on Campus — the Rotunda, Burnaby campus

Out on Campus offers many types of safe sex supplies that are not often easily accessible. These include different types of external condoms, internal condoms, dental dams, nitrile gloves, and lubricants, according to the group’s website.

“Providing the range of supplies that we do symbolically and practically supports and affirms the legitimacy of non-normative sexualities/sexual acts, and non-normative bodies,” the group says on their website.  

It seeks to reduce barriers for accessing a diverse array of safe-sex supplies.

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