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USA — Celebrities Cher, Robert Denero, Michael Moore, and Robert Di Niro head to anti-Trump rally

On the eve of president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, celebrities were among the many that engaged in anti-Trump protests across the USA. Among the thousands that joined in the protest that aimed to show unity across the states, celebrities such as singer Cher and actor Mark Ruffalo revved up the crowd with a rendition of “This Land Is Your Land,” while documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Robert De Niro led speeches outside of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. The protests have been described as a possible indicator of further protests over the next four years with a Trump presidency.

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Italy — Over 25 people missing in hotel following an avalanche

On January 18, major earthquakes across Italy instigated a major avalanche which hit the Rigopiano hotel located in the Abruzzo region. Only two people were rescued, as they were outside of the hotel at the time the avalanche. Due to the severity of the avalanche, emergency response could only access the area on skis. Search and rescue teams have continued to search for the missing individuals though there is little sign of life.

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Mexico — Drug Lord El Chapo extradited from Mexico to the US

El Chapo, a known drug lord whose cartel is possibly the largest illicit drug cartel, was extradited on Thursday, January 20. The drug lord has received charges of drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, and money laundering. While his lawyer, Juan Pablo Badillo, has criticized this extradition as “not inside the law,” El Chapo arrived in New York and could face life in prison. He has previously escaped two high-security prisons in Mexico.

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UK — Britain’s Prime Minister outlines the 12 priorities for Britain to exit the EU

Prime Minister Theresa May announced during a speech that Britain would take a “hard Brexit approach” when negotiating a deal to exit the European Union (EU). Among her top priorities, she mentioned that Britain must fully surrender its membership from the EU’s single market, while also placing more stringent controls on Britain’s borders. In regards to the future of Britain’s economy, May stressed the importance of building relationships with countries outside of the the EU in order to build a “global Britain.” While many pro-leave supporters praised the speech, including British foreign secretary Boris Johnson, many pro-remain supporters criticised the restrictions on immigration as a negative approach to improve the economy. The speech was also criticised that the new deal expressed many similarities to full EU membership.

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