The broke-ass student’s holiday gift guide

Jessica’s present picks:

$30-Netflix gift card

For the poor student

Every student needs Netflix. Let your favourite starving student continue to procrastinate without the cost.

$30, Best Buy

A collage photo frame

For your parents

If there’s one thing your parents love, it’s you. Buy a collage photo frame and fill it with pictures of you and your family. It’s the adult version of making them something!

$39.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Harry Potter toque

For the Potter-head

Stay warm and show off your love for all things Harry Potter. Hot Topic has toques for Hogwarts, the Deathly Hallows, and all four of the houses.

$19.90, Hot Topic

Charmed aroma candle

For the accessory addict

These candles are one of the best gifts you can give. As the candle burns, it reveals a hidden ring in the wax worth up to $5,000! They also have bath bombs, body scrub, soap, and body butter.

$26.99, Charmed Aroma

A shower speaker

For your roommate

Who doesn’t love listening to music in the shower? And if you happen to benefit by getting to use it too, all the better.

$29.96, Walmart

The ultimate hot chocolate kit (and the perfect tea spoon)

For the tea lover

Comfort is the best gift of all. This set comes with a special-edition mug, tea strainer, chocolate tea, and mini marshmallows! Pair it with the perfect tea spoon for the ultimate tea experience.

$35 (set) + $6 (spoon), DavidsTea

The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

For the party bartender

There’s always one friend who wants to play bartender at the party. Treat them to a book on how to make every drink they’ve ever heard of. It will also come in handy for New Year’s Eve.

$27.95, Indigo

Cult Following

For the board game lover

This awesome kickstarter game allows players to create their own cults. Using the prompts, players try to convince others to join them and have to answer questions about their cults. Most convincing player wins.

Free demo print-out or $34.00 pre-order,

One of the world’s softest blankets

For the person who is always cold and sleepy

Everyone loves a good, soft blanket. Show someone you really care by getting them the closest thing to a permanent hug.

$39.99, Costco

Sherlock Holmes mystery puzzle

For the puzzle lover

Not only do you put a puzzle together, but you can solve a mystery while you’re at it. Read the storybook, then complete the puzzle to search for clues.

$19.99, Amazon

Julia’s present picks:

Starbucks Christmas blend ground coffee

For the late-night studier

Give the gift of caffeine! A cup of this lively aged Sumatra brew is the perfect way to perk up after December exams.

$19.95, Starbucks

Indigo reading socks

For the bookworm

Prevent frozen feet by giving a pair of cozy faux-sherpa socks — a must-have for reading in front of the Shaw fire log.

$34.50, Chapters

Fossil luggage tag

For the world-traveller

Available in a variety of colours, this luggage tag is the perfect personalized travel accessory. For a special touch, emboss the giftee’s initials for free!

$39.30, Fossil

EZ drinker beer can belt

For the party person

This hands-free beer holster can maximize holiday party fun! Plus, last-minute shoppers can take advantage of Amazon’s one-day shipping.

$10.38, Amazon

A bottle of bubbly

For the New Year’s Eve fiend

Kick off the New Year by popping a bottle of champagne — the perfect gift to celebrate with! Try Bottega’s sparkling bottle in white gold, gold, or rose.

$27.49, BC Liquor Stores

Cineplex gift card

For the Christmas couple

The next best thing to Netflix! A $25-gift card is enough for one fun date night at the movies.

$10–50, Cineplex

S’well bottle

For the fit friend

Sip drinks in style with S’well, a trendy bottle that’ll keep drinks the perfect temperature on the bus, at the gym, or on campus.  

$38+, Chapters

Big Red Beard oils and balms

For the bearded bro

Shipping from Victoria, the handcrafted oils and balms in the Big Red pilot kit are a beard maintenance must-have.

$34.99, Big Red Beard Combs on Etsy

  1. A Lush Christmas gift

For the Lushee

Lush has an abundance of beautifully wrapped packages for a variety of affordable prices — most include hand lotion, soap, and bath bombs.

$12.95–$49.95, Lush

A mall gift certificate

For the picky pal

Finding the perfect present can be a challenge, so why not gift the whole mall? This one card can be used at a variety of stores.

$50, your local mall (Sorry, but you’re going to have to go to the physical mall for this one)