Four hot and heavy TV shows you should watch

The ladies of Orange is the New Black and their interactions with sex make this one of the best shows right now.

Sex on TV is not new, and it’s more common now than ever. Still, finding shows that have a worthwhile plot and good sex can be tricky. Below are four fantastic TV shows, ranging in popularity level from ‘everyone has seen this’ to ‘this was a show?’

While I have seen and recommend all these shows, I want to preface this article with a content warning: most, if not all, of these series showcase something that may be triggering for certain individuals; watch with caution, and always do your research to make yourself aware of particularly upsetting episodes.

Orange is the New Black

Unless you’ve been hiding from all media for the past three years, you’ve probably heard something about OITNB. For those who haven’t already binge-watched all four seasons, OITNB is based off the memoirs of Piper Kerman, a currently law-abiding woman who was charged and sentenced to a women’s prison for a crime she committed after college. The series itself follows the lives of main character Piper Chapman and several other characters before, during, and in some cases, after incarceration. The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary explore many issues involving sex — from “edging” to phone sex, they’ve covered it all. While this past season was, in my humble opinion, way more upsetting than it needed to be, this series remains a must-see.

Jessica Jones

A woman after my own heart, Jessica Jones is a total badass. She’s strong, independent, and buys liquor in bulk — insert heart-eyes emoticon here. A sexual assault survivor, Jones is attempting to start over as a private investigator when a ghost from her past begins to torture others as he once tortured her. One of the reasons to love this show is because you get to watch Jones become herself again by exerting control over her life, especially when it comes to sex. All the sex scenes in the series so far have been consensual, but this show could still be potentially triggering for several reasons. Be sure to check the Internet for specific trigger warnings.


I am 100 percent biased, because I love this show. The TV adaptation of the book series follows WWII combat nurse Claire Randall as she travels 200 years into the past and meets the rugged and insanely handsome highlander Jamie Fraser. Claire has to battle with the knowledge of what is to become of the Jacobites in just two short years, while knowing she cannot tell anyone what history has in store for fear of persecution. Claire and Jamie’s whirlwind romance features a lot of sex scenes — like, a lot — but also has a great storyline, plenty of humour, and genuine heart.

Rescue Me

I doubt too many people know about this show  — the finale aired five years ago — but it was so good. The series was created by Denis Leary, who also stars as its main character, Tommy Gavin: a New York City firefighter coming to terms with the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, Gavin turns to alcohol to cope with ghostly visions of his dead cousin, Jimmy. As the series progresses, it focuses more on the dysfunctional home lives of several firefighters in Gavin’s company. This show features many different types of sex, including one-night stands, tender love-making, and hate sex. The first time I watched this show was with my mom, and I would not recommend watching this — or any of the above, for that matter — with a parent.

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