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Hi there,

What is the new SFU government going to do about international student fees? I know people who are seriously paying about $10,000 per year — this is ridiculous! This would bankrupt my family if we had to pay the same.

Also, why do Egyptian students receive free tuition if they sign up for that one engineering course? And what is the reasoning behind the new pyramid structure surrounding the observatory?

Kim Bousa

To Kim,

Thank you for your letter. We at SFU administration would like to reassure you that there is nothing shady or unusual going on at SFU.

I understand that money concerns you, and many SFU students. Money must be attained through working in Canadian society. Many say that students cannot find jobs after graduation. I show sympathy for you.

Concerning SFU’s new Egyptian engineering students, is the league of the undead bothering you? I’ve seen them be nothing but polite to students. Their selfless determination will ensure SFU Burnaby’s infrastructure is secure and will last for one hundred millenia. They are fed. Their drive is something we can all learn from, Kim.

You are concerned about money, and SFU can help. We can never have too many engineering interns. Join this internship and we will waive all your student fees and promise you lifelong work. The role takes guts, a heart, and a lifetime of devotion to Ra.

Kim, I would like to give you an amulet. Mine protects me from financial burden, and this one can protect you, as well.

I don’t have much more time. I have many things to show you. I would like to meet you, Kim.

Ra be with you,

Nesperennub, SFU Engineering Department head

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