Create and Enter: Free summer opportunities in the arts

Filmmaking, stamp-designing, and more

a red floppy disk with a white label near the middle
PHOTO: Courtesy of Fredy Jacob / Unsplash

By: Prerita Garg, SFU Student

The Small File Media Festival
Deadline: June 15, 2024
Entry fee: none

Film enthusiasts and creators can showcase their talent in The Small File Media Festival. Hosted by The Cinematheque (a partner of SFU’s School of Contemporary Arts), this contest requires participants to submit a small file movie of any length in any genre. However, the submission can not exceed the length of 1.44mb/min. The festival hopes to showcase that small files are “the sustainable cinematic avant-garde” by raising awareness about the large carbon footprint video streaming makes. It’s so much easier, and more convenient, to produce these smaller files — as the Small File team note, small files “reflect on the materiality, modernist style” of their infrastructure’s aesthetics. There are four formats you can submit under: MiniFlop (3​​5mins), Floppy (622 mins), MegaFloppy (2390 mins), and Floppies (multipart series with a total of 90 mins). Make sure you include the processing/compression time, and the file size and format with your submission. 

SFU CMA Journal Issue 14: Towards a Free Poetics
Submission deadline: June 25, 2024 
Entry fee: none

This contest is hosted by SFU’s Comparative Media Arts Journal, and is open to “graduate students, postdoctoral students, recent graduates and early-career (1-10 years of established practice) professors, independent scholars, and artists.” Participants can submit any one of the following: scholarly papers, personal essays, manifestos, creative nonfiction, hybrid works, case studies, exhibition reviews, performance reviews, interviews, or visual art responses. The word count ranges from 500 to 5000 words. Make sure to take part in this opportunity to be published in the bi-annual CMA journal, which is a “lively inquiry into visual culture, cinema studies, performance studies, and new media arts.”

The 2025 Wildlife Art Competition
Registration deadline: August 25, 2024
Entry fee: none

Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) presents a unique opportunity for artists passionate about wildlife conservation to submit stamp designs. All participants need to email for permission to enter. Paintings are due to the WHC office by October 2024, and selected designs will be featured on the WHC’s stamp (which is set to launch on April 1, 2026). The first-place recipient will be awarded a cash prize of $5000, second-place will receive $2000, and the third-place entry will earn $1000. Designs must be laid out horizontally, crafted on a flat and sturdy surface, and must be suitable for display on an easel with minimal to no assistance.

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