Bright-er Side: City of Coquitlam

Why Coquitlam is underrated

A bridge in Coquitlam
PHOTO: Dithira Hettiarachchi / Unsplash

By: Alex Ileto, Peak Associate

Being from Coquitlam, I’ve endured my fair share of suburban-related slander. In first-year, talking about where we grew up was common small talk. Depending on what city you came from, you usually received a standard set of responses. You’re from Richmond? Amazing food! You’re from North Vancouver? An outdoor oasis! You’re from Coquitlam? Oh . . . I’m sorry. The ruthless roasting from my friends is extremely upsetting. 

Coquitlam is perfect for the outdoorsy friend who still enjoys the luxuries of a city. If you want to go on a pleasant walk with beautiful views, Coquitlam’s got you covered with its many parks, rivers, and hiking trails. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of Coquitlam River, the chirping of the birds in Mundy Park, and the mountain views acting as a backdrop for the city centre. If you’re looking to explore Coquitlam’s urban side, the downtown core has a diverse array of locally-owned restaurants, cafés, and quick-bites to keep your stomach happy. 

Moreover, the growing population has led to an increase in fun events for everyone to enjoy. Lafarge Lake alone hosts dumpling festivals, outdoor winter lights displays, and fireworks celebrations, to name a few. Not to mention, all these events are free with complimentary parking. If driving isn’t your thing, take advantage of our e-scooter empire! The possibilities are endless! So next time you meet someone from Coquitlam, refrain from the ridicule because Coquitlam is one of the best neighbourhoods in BC.

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