People who mock those without their driver’s license

A call for respect and compassion towards non-drivers

PHOTO: Harsahil Dhillon / The Peak

By: Jeeya Parasbhai Khavadia, SFU Student

“Ohh! You don’t own a car? But you’re an adult how do you get around!?” 

I get a lot of comments like this, and they’re exhausting. First and foremost, I choose not to travel by car, and this has nothing to do with my maturity. Maybe your uncalled for remarks say something about yours, though. It says more about your character when you look down on those without a driver’s licence. There are numerous reasons why someone may choose not to drive. Everyone has different circumstances and priorities in life, so it’s pointless to pass judgement on someone based on something as insignificant as a driver’s licence. 

Some people may have health issues, financial constraints, environmental concerns or they might simply prefer the freedom of not maintaining a vehicle. Driving a car is just one mode of transport, and not the only way of getting around. In fact, using public transportation, cycling, or walking is a much cheaper and more environmentally sustainable option. Yes, my decision not to pour cash into a costly, coal-rolling hunk of metal actually serves a purpose: benefiting the greater good! 

Mocking someone for their personal choice is unkind and reveals a lack of empathy. We’re not getting any closer to a respectful society by preoccupying ourselves with whether or not someone has their N. I don’t judge you for your choice to drive a car, so please leave your assumptions about my decisions to yourself.