Connect the Lingo

Test your sports knowledge

Illustration of a character connecting the words “connect the” and “lingo” with a pencil.
Want to confuse your friends? Mix a few of these terms into your next conversation. Photo: Alyssa Umbal / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, Staff Writer

Word Bank: 20, bullet, pick six, pommel horse, Christine Sinclair, skeleton, Peter Forsberg, football, 10, kiss and cry

  1. This athlete holds the record for most international goals.
  2. What sport is known as a “game of inches?”
  3. There are typically ______ cars in a Formula 1 race.
  4. The running portion of an Olympic triathlon is ______ km long.
  5. After a skating routine, competitors go to the __________ area to wait for their scores.
  6. “I don’t believe it! The football was intercepted and taken all the way down the field for a ________.” 
  7. In _________, athletes slide head first down the track. 
  8. Archers sometimes refer to their arrow as a  _________.
  9. This athlete has a shootout move named after them. 
  10. One apparatus in men’s gymnastics is the  ____________.


Answer Key: 

1) Christine Sinclair 

2) football

3) 20

4) 10

5) kiss and cry 

6) pick six

7) skeleton 

8) bullet

9) Peter Forsberg

10) pommel horse