What Grinds Our Gears: Why are we still using iClickers!?

Shelling out money for an iClicker seems like a waste

hand holding an iClicker device
Can't we just use our phones for this!? PHOTO: Alan Wolf / Flickr

By: Nercya Kalino, Staff Writer

Throughout our university degrees, we’ve all been in a course where the professor clearly states that not having an iClicker will affect your attendance grade. That isn’t fair. Quite frankly, I think iClickers are a waste of time. We go through all that clicking in class only to have another canvas discussion, quiz, or module that achieves the same goal of boosting your grade.

Now more than ever, the iClicker is a useless device. Most activities nowadays, like using a calculator, can be done on your phone. If your professor requires you to buy an iClicker for their course — nine out of ten times, you’re unlikely to use it much in the future. Live quizzes hosted on Canvas or even the new iClicker app, would be a more reasonable advancement.

I’ve had my pricey iClicker, which I purchased myself, since the Summer of 2019. I have only used it once  that’s it! Now, many of us have sold ours after realizing just how much the iClicker is a waste of money.