Four COVID-19 safe events

Truly accessible activities for folks to enjoy remotely

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Highlighting fun activities to do in the comfort and safety of your home or socially distanced from others! ILLUSTRATION: Nazmus Sakib / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, Peak Associate

BC has lifted restrictions on masks, vaccine cards, and reduced quarantine times. The impacts of COVID-19 on the lives of people with disabilities and immuno-compromised conditions have only increased. These communities are largely being left behind by society, as the heightened risks in public space continue to be ignored by public health. With variants running amok, hospitals becoming overwhelmed, and increasing reports of long COVID, it’s clear the pandemic isn’t over.

Here are some accessible, socially-distanced, and remote events available for people to enjoy safely. Check out these awesome ways to stay connected, entertained, and active throughout the pandemic! 

Barre Fitness | Admission: free

Is your stamina running low from not being able to access your gym right now? Get your blood flowing and try out a new activity at the same time! Barre Fitness offers live and pre-recorded virtual barre classes! You don’t need a real ballet barre to participate — grab a chair, get to a fairly open space, and join a Barre Fitness session from the comfort of your own home. Find a schedule of live Zoom sessions on their website as well as pre-recorded classes on their YouTube channel via their website. Find a session that interests you and try out a new hobby!

When: Anytime

Where: Virtual


Twilight Drive-In | Admission: varies

If you have access to a car, the Twilight Drive-In Theatre is a great way to watch a movie (or two!) with your friends while remaining truly socially distanced from other groups. Watch one film, or stay late and catch a double feature! Prices start at $25 for one car with one person, and go up by $10 for each additional person in your car. The drive-in also offers deals so that you can maximize your movie-watching experience! Tuesdays are Couple’s Night, where you and your significant other can enjoy a film plus get two drinks and a popcorn for only $42, and Thursdays are Carload Night, where you pay a flat fee of $40 for a car with 3–5 people. So grab your close circle of friends, some popcorn, and your comfiest pillows and blankets to build a movie-watching fort in the trunk of your car. See the schedule of upcoming movies on their website.

When: Every night until further notice

Where: Twilight Drive-in, 260th St. and Fraser Highway in Langley


Yyoga | Admission: varies

Yyoga, a Vancouver-based wellness company, offers a series of pre-recorded yoga sessions that you can purchase online. View their packages online and choose from a series of single-session or multi-session workshops. From yoga for beginners to breathwork yoga sessions, they have something for everyone. They also offer a three-day virtual yoga and meditation retreat, which you can purchase and participate in from the comfort of your own home. See their website for a list of workshops and prices.

When: Anytime

Where: Online


Honda Celebration of Lights | Admission: free

Celebrate 30 years of fireworks by watching one of three firework shows that take place at English Bay! This year, the shows are all going to be livestreamed,so tune in to the stream on your phone to watch and listen live to the spectacular displays of colour, music, and lights. Play the show in the background while you’re having a chill night in or drive somewhere where you can park your car and take in the show away from crowds while listening in on the radio.

When: July 23rd, 27th, and 30th

Where: Online

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