What sport should your favourite Canadian singer play?

There’s something fishy about these new SFU students

A close up shot of a microphone on stage.
Michael Bublé the singer? I only know Michael Bublé the swimmer. Photo: Bogomil Mihaylov / Unsplash

By: Tamanna T., Staff Writer

The SFU Athletics team could use some popular players on their side. Who better than some of the country’s biggest singers? The Canadian entertainment industry has many multi-faceted stars, and I believe these singers can not only play their sport well, but also bring some pizzaz to SFU.

Michael Bublé: Swimming

Who better to start this list off than Canada’s Christmas sweetheart, Michael Bublé? His ability to make everyone smile with his music and send listeners into a deep nostalgic coma makes him the perfect fit. He comes from a line of fishermen, so he is more than familiar with the water. In fact, he himself was a salmon fisher before pursuing music. While Bublé would be a great swimmer because of his seemingly aquatic abilities, he’s too nice to be petty towards his opponents. This is where his voice comes in handy. Every time his head bobs out of the water, he sings, catching his opponents, and the rest of the audience, off guard. His opponents will be mesmerized by his voice, unable to focus on the task at hand, leaving Bublé to cruise his way to the finish line. 

The Weeknd: Football 

The Weeknd has made his mark in the music industry and will equally flourish on the SFU football team. His ability to perform under pressure is unmatched. He also has some experience headlining the NFL Superbowl half-time show, so I’m sure he can pull a few strings to find a spot on the team. On the flip side, his thought-process runs so deep with his music, it’s only fair to expect him to get lost in his own world while playing. He might not move when the play begins, or miss a perfectly catchable ball, but hey, have you ever seen the stands so packed before?

Nav: Golf

Nav is an underrated artist, mostly because he co-writes and produces songs for rappers like Drake, but doesn’t get the same hype for himself. This plays perfectly into the game of golf. The success of the team is dependent on each individual member’s performance. You have to be able to handle the pressure and carry your own without the support of your team constantly by your side. Because the team competes off-campus, Nav can also play without being worried about a larger crowd. He might, however, get attention for his golf clubs made out of diamonds