Do you know who this professional athlete is?

Sift through 10 custom clues to find out more about this mystery athlete

Question mark drawn on a chalkboard
This athlete recently signed on as a sports broadcaster for Turner Network Television. Pixabay / Pexels

By: Greg Makarov, Sports Writer 

This will be the hardest set of questions you have ever had to answer. If you answer them correctly, it will lead you to unimaginable treasure: our mystery athlete of the week. 

  1. There is a wine brand named after this athlete.
  2. They were an active player from 1979–1999.
  3. This athlete holds a whopping 61 records throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  4. They were the captain of all four of the NHL teams they played on.
  5. If you take away all the goals this player has scored, they would still have the most points of all time based on assists.
  6. They were once the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.
  7. They hold the record for most points by brothers in the NHL with their younger brother. 
  8. Their jersey number, 99, has been retired by all teams in the NHL.
  9. This athlete is most remembered for their time as an Edmonton Oiler. 
  10. This athlete said the famous quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Did you figure it out? 

If you guessed Wayne Gretzky, then you’re correct! A truly baffling hockey player whose numbers and records are timeless, while his career resume is good enough to place him in the discussion for the best athlete of all time.