Sex, love, and podcasts: three recommendations for sex-positive content

These hosts don’t hold back, and neither should you

Collage of three podcast covers. From left to right: Honeydew Me — two women in hot pink jumpsuits drinking cocktails; Girls Gotta Eat — two women mid-laugh, holding wine bottles; How C*m — a woman in bed holding a banana in one hand and a red book labelled “sex” in the other
Dive into discussions exploring sex and sexuality. PHOTO: Gudrun Wai-Gunnarsson / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, SFU Student

Honeydew Me

Hosts Emma Norman and Cass Anderson step out of the bedroom and into the real world to do what many of us have been conditioned not to do: talk about sex. They bring sex-perts such as doctors and sex therapists into the conversation and ask the questions we’re a little too embarrassed to ask. They even take it a step further and individually explore sexual experiences that may be intimidating for the first time, and reflect on their experiences with the audience. Nothing is off limits: How can we effectively communicate our preferences and desires to a partner? How can we make boring sex more fun for ourselves and our partner? What the hell is mutual masturbation, and how can it spice up a relationship? With a focus on sex education for all genders and encouraging confidence in one’s sexuality, Honeydew Me discusses the good, the bad, and the awkward when it comes to sex and becoming comfortable in your own body.


Girls Gotta Eat

If you’re into comedy, hosts Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg are your go-to gals! Full of witty humour and personal anecdotes, Girls Gotta Eat is a must-listen. They talk candidly about countless awkward Tinder dates, the time they sent a dirty text to the wrong person, how to plan a hookup, and more. Hesseltine and Greenberg chat about everything to do with sex, love, and relationships. In the process, they destigmatize sex and remove the stigma that typically comes with owning and embracing sexuality. There’s no shame in a bad Tinder date or a booty call gone wrong. Confidence is key, and there’s no shortage of it here. Girls Gotta Eat is all about being unafraid to explore sex, pleasure, and desires, even if it’s awkward, new, and doesn’t exactly go as planned.


How C*m

How Cm was started to help host Remy Kassimir reach “the big O” for the first time and is dedicated to exploring how and why so many cis women struggle to orgasm — either by themselves or with a partner. Kassimir brings in unofficial sex-perts such as porn stars, comedians, and other fun guests to talk all about orgasms. They also give tips and tricks to help Kassimir and her audience achieve their first orgasm. When someone with a vulva can’t orgasm, there are often feelings of shame, pressure, and failure that come with it. Many can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone, but no one really tells them there are other ways. You might be thinking, “how cm?” Kassimir discusses this typically taboo topic with no shame, and empowers her audience to take control of their sexuality and explore what feels good. No more fake orgasms!

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