Monday Music: Songs to soothe your soul this romantic season

Fall in love with this playlist no matter your relationship status

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Tamanna T., Staff Writer

Pining after someone, lamenting over the loss of a love-at-first-sight, or wanting to dance with your partner in the kitchen with dim lights? These tracks will perfectly accompany whichever of these moods you’re in this Valentine’s season.

“I Wanna Be Your Man” by Yukon Blonde

Image courtesy of Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde has been around since the 2010s, but their new music is stealing hearts left and right. “I Wanna Be Your Man” starts off very guitar-heavy. As the song proceeds, it produces a vibe that perfectly captures the idea of crushing on your best friend, beginning with a flirtatious tone and ending with the meaningful chorus.

“A Drop In The Ocean” by Ron Pope

Image courtesy of Ron Pope

This is probably one of the most heartfelt songs I have ever heard. No matter how many times I listen, it never fails to make me cry about my eighth grade crush. Pope’s melodic voice will have you entranced and the lyrics will break your heart with every stanza. This song is guaranteed to make you reminisce over “the one that got away” and will be an instant obsession the moment you press play.

“Snakehold” by Sebastian Gaskin

Image courtesy of Sebastian Gaskin

The track begins with Gaskin’s soulful voice, which will blow you away with its intensity in the first few seconds. The sultry vocals mix perfectly with the upbeat music and produce a melody worth dancing to. “Snakehold” rises in pitch near the chorus, and you can’t help but get hooked to the song and play it on repeat. It embodies the assurance of being in love with someone and trusting them to take care of your heart.

“Shut Up and Kiss Me” by Echosmith

Image courtesy of Echosmith

Echosmith fell off the radar after producing their epic 2013 song “Cool Kids,” but this all-sibling band will make you go down memory lane again (in the best possible way). This cheery and passionate song screams boldly falling in love and wearing your heart on your sleeve. You can dance to this track, or you can choose to make out with your (potential) partner and live out a real-life rom-com like you always wanted.

“I think I’m In Love” by Kat Dahlia

Image courtesy of Vested in Culture

Sassy but incredibly sweet, Dahlia’s voice is not what you would initially expect when thinking of romantic music, but it just works. This song is the culmination of falling in love, but with an attitude. The chorus resonates with me; its message about finding someone wonderful after experiencing heartbreak has stuck with me over the years. The lyrics put heavy emphasis on the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship, where everything seems lovely and rosey, and the melody reflects the beauty of love perfectly.

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