Monday Music: Songs to accompany your valiant fight against inner demons

These songs will take you on a journey

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Sherine Jeevakumar, SFU Student

Ever get so inside your head that you feel like you’re the main character with a tragic backstory? Even if it’s a little melodramatic, so what? These tracks are a perfect accompaniment to any emotional rollercoaster you’re going through.

“Hurts Like Hell” by Fleurie, Tommee Profitt

Image credit: Courtesy of Fleurie

This track opens with hypnotic, angelic strings that quickly give way to indulgent harmonies. Fleurie’s voice begins to breathe gently into the song while soft piano chords accompany her. The music swells to a peak as vocals and instruments come to a crescendo — going from gentle and unsure to confident and inspirational — before coming to a close. Fleurie tells a hauntingly relatable story of love and loss through this track that is well worth the listen.

“Thelema” by Øfdream

Image credit: Courtesy of The Playground Records

“Thelema” takes the listener on an exhilarating trip from beginning to end. Chiming bells signal the beginning of the track, which gradually descends into a gentle yet persistent beat. This captures the feeling of intense wistfulness that has you frozen in a trance. Complete with dynamic, soothing vocals and a light melody, this song serves as the perfect backdrop for nights of deep contemplation.

“Giving My All 2 U” by WEB

Image credit: Courtesy of WEB

Short but sweet, “Giving My All 2 U” begins with a slow fade into a steady, energetic beat. Moody, pleading vocals convey a raw sense of yearning through their persistence. Closing with a gentle sigh, this track is in itself a short journey describing the hopelessness of giving your all, yet feeling like it’s not enough.

“Transgender” by Crystal Castles

Image credit: Courtesy of Polydor Ltd.

This ethereal song is rich with barely-there vocals that transport you somewhere dreamlike. Echoey synths work with whispers for a ghostly melody, fusing with a bold beat to create a mind-numbing feeling. The deep and dynamic rhythm prevalent in “Transgender” scratches an itch in your brain you didn’t know existed.