Linda Kanyamuna shares why content creation brings her joy

This SFU student has been vlogging since childhood

Linda, a Black-Filipinx woman, sits in a red chair, legs crossed, with brick and concrete walls behind her. One arm is draped over the back of the chair as she stares straight at the camera.
Kanyamuna, aka Blasianspiderman. PHOTO: Gudrun Wai-Gunnarsson / The Peak

By: Charlene Aviles, Staff Writer

SFU student Linda Kanyamuna is a pro when it comes to content creation. As SFU Surge’s podcast host and SFU Women in Engineering’s marketing director, she’s dedicated to community outreach. Her passions outside SFU are no different. In an interview with The Peak, Kanyamuna discussed her recently launched YouTube channel, Blasianspiderman, and how it’s inspired by her love for family, culture, and content creation. 

Since childhood, Kanyamuna has been interested in filming videos. She explained she and her sister often recorded in their spare time.

“None of it was for YouTube or anything [ . . . ] It was just for the means of documenting life and just making memories. Ever since I got my hands on a resource to record, it’s always been a big part of my life,” said Kanyamuna.

Her creativity isn’t limited to filming. She’s taken on projects from modelling to acting, and her family has always supported her work. Her interest in vlogging re-sparked after receiving a gift from her mom.

“My mom bought me this phone a few years ago just so I can start making videos for YouTube,” said Kanyamuna. “So now my friends are telling me, ‘Oh, you’re fulfilling her dream.’” 

With over 2,000 followers on Instagram, Kanyamuna figured her videos would reach an existing audience. She described YouTube as “another extension for me to connect with people.”

Kanyamuna plans to collaborate with other content creators and upload more travel vlogs. Once it’s safe to travel, she hopes to fly to Zambia and Southeast Asia. She explained YouTube would also help her connect with her family in the Philippines.

“I have a lot of family all over the world [ . . . ] So I’m trying to find ways for them to be part of my world,” she said. “I’m excited for more of my family and their communities to be a part of mine, especially because YouTube is way more accessible video-wise.”

Kanyamuna is equally passionate about expanding Black and Filipino representation in the media. She recognized the power creative outlets have in inspiring others to express themselves.

“What representation means to me is inclusion and being able to have everybody be a part of something,” Kanyamuna said. “Having Black representation in media or content creation prompts others who are maybe hesitant to create and put themselves out there, [because they] see themselves represented in someone else’s content or work. That is a domino effect for representation. Representation is a domino effect for inspiring other people to see themselves and express themselves in the way that they do. 

“I love bringing people together and showcasing other people’s passions and work, because I know it intertwines with their mind,” said Kanyamuna. 

To stay updated with Kanyamuna’s vlogs, follow her on Instagram, @blasianspiderman, and subscribe on YouTube, Blasianspiderman.