What Grinds Our Gears: Loud neighbours in SFU Residence

I need you to kindly turn off your music and let me get some sleep

Nobody needs to hear your 1:00 a.m. conversations, people are trying to study. PHOTO: Ramiro Pianarosa / Unsplash

by Tamanna T., Staff Writer

SFU Residence is home to almost 2,000 students, and living in close quarters with so many people can have its cons. For instance, not only are the rooms in Residence small, but the walls are so thin, you can hear when your neighbour gets up in the morning. When I’m studying for midterms I don’t want to hear you blasting Mariah Carey in your room regardless of how close we are to Christmas.

It’s important to make yourself feel at home in Residence, especially when staying for multiple semesters. But being conscious about noises and disturbing others late at night is important too. Being thoughtful of your neighbours is always appreciated, and it is important to remember people have different schedules than you.

Someone living next to you could be waking up at 6:00 a.m., and your neighbour living across from you might be pulling an all-nighter for an exam. Keeping in mind the varied sleeping schedules of students, most buildings have quiet hours after 11:00 p.m. I have had midterms in the morning and I hear people outside my door chatting about the latest Marvel movie, which is bound to distract me. 

No one wants to snitch and complain to the community advisors, but it’s also insensitive to disrupt your neighbours’ sleeping schedule for your own pleasure. If you are unusually loud on a night, being mindful and apologizing to your neighbour after can help. Otherwise, you will have to deal with me being an absolute menace without enough sleep. You’ve been warned.

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