Perfect Fit: Winter must-haves

Closet staples for surviving Raincouver

Illustration of fashion and home accessories (backpack, pillow, etc.) in shades of pink and blue
Refresh your life with these simple style recommendations. Illustration: Kitty Cheung / The Peak

By: Tamanna T., Staff Writer

As the fog rolls over Burnaby Mountain and the days become shorter, your closet might have to go through a major change to accomodate winter. Constant rainy Vancouver days and chilly evenings will make you feel like you’re in a Twilight movie, so it’s important to bundle up! As I plan out Netflix nights and try to figure out new hot cocoa recipes, here’s what I think are wardrobe must-haves for the winter season.

Cozy Coats 

Every closet needs a long coat. It holds more versatility than a jacket, in my opinion. You can wear a lighter shirt and pants during sunny days; and even if you wear a skirt, you will be covered and warm! When days are colder, layering is key wearing a hoodie or your favourite sweatshirt with faux leather pants and a coat on top will make you trendy and comfy at the same time. It’s a win-win! Coats last a long time; I still have mine in great condition from 2019, so I’d say they are definitely one thing to splurge on.

You can check out Miscellany Thrift and Vintage in Vancouver for fall coats and other pieces. The quality is commendable and they carry some really nice brands like Aritzia and Tommy Hilfiger!

Waterproof Boots

Boots are a staple in Raincouver. During winter, the best thing about boots becomes the protection it provides from the snow. Another added benefit of boots is the layering of socks! I tend to wear warm wool socks during snow days to protect my ever-freezing feet from the bitter cold. Boots are another item in your closet that won’t go out of fashion. You can indulge in a good pair of boots without worrying about the long-time use of them.

Pro-tip: boots with fitted pants or leggings go great together! Add a chunky sweater on top and you’re ready to face a chilly day on Burnaby Mountain.


The pandemic has had a profound effect on the way people dress. Formal and professional clothing has been replaced by loungewear sets, in order to provide more comfort when working from home. This trend has also moved into the university trends. I was surprised to see how many people donned loungewear sets with puffer jackets to classes. It seems to be the outfit of the season. I think these sets are great for multi-purpose outfits, and relieve students from wearing jeans to classes. Throw on your favourite sweatshirt and sweatpant set, or mix and match with a cute hoodie and joggers. The possibilities are endless. I love fleece-lined sweatpants, because I can wear them to run errands and also attend classes. If you wore this outfit before the pandemic, you might have gotten some odd looks, but these clothes are looked at with admiration now. 

For inspiration: Garage has a new unisex line that includes great loungewear, even sweatshorts. For more affordability, Ardene has well-priced sets that are perfect for winter. If you’re looking for something more unique, check out local brand Little Mountain, which designs with Vancouver street style in mind.