Monday Music: Songs to combat winter blues

This playlist will make gloomy days a little more bearable

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Sharon Ha, SFU Student

Winter is gloomy and these songs know all about it. The common refrain of the SFU Burnaby campus being dreary is something I feel to my core. Whether it’s regret, cuffing season, or the weather bringing you down, these songs have the ability to empathize, commiserate, or uplift.

“Concealed the Outro (fuck em rmx)” by K.A.A.N

Image courtesy of K.A.A.N

What you first notice in this track is a lot of anger, especially in the opening lines. The hip-hop undertone is moody, the kind of feeling a dark winter atmosphere may elicit. But the awesome flow, sick beat, and spite expressed in the lyrics will inspire you to tell winter to stick it — you’re a fighter!

“SPEEDBOAT” by Denzel Curry

Image courtesy of PH Recordings

Great background instrumentals, with creative choices and much hype. It’s a balanced performance, fun and cool. The music is chill, but the lyrics and tone make this number another dynamic rap. I don’t listen to hip-hop as much as is implied here but I have a newfound respect for the genre and there’s something about this song that helps me concentrate. Diving into different styles of music can freshen you up this winter!

“O Mio Babbino Caro” by Giacomo Puccini

Image courtesy of The Spirit of Orchestral Music via YouTube

Opera or classical enthusiasts will know this composer. And even if you don’t, I guarantee this song is beautiful nonetheless. You’ll feel the emotion in every note. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I find opera is the only thing that can console me. The high notes are clear and piercing and the strings are soothing. Such a display of passion and beauty will surely encourage and assist you this November and onwards. Getting back on track and avoiding the clutches of a comfy bed can be doable with the right push. Maybe that push is Puccini!

“You Were” by Field Guide

Image courtesy of Guest Room Records

The buildup to the chorus uplifts and encourages. And the loving words, meant to serenade a significant other, are gentle enough to send you into slumber or at least a lucid dream, and everyone could use good sleep — especially in this rainy and dark season. Field Guide is a new find for me. Sure he’s got a mournful wail, but the luminescent quality to his work has the ability to light up your long, cold winter nights.

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