CJSF invites the community to listen and donate

SFU’s campus radio station features an eclectic lineup of hidden gems

Exterior of the CJSF radio station. An orange banner with their slogan “Diverse, Independent, Yours” can be seen from the floor to ceiling windows
CJSF, now located inside the SUB. Photo: Allyson Klassen / The Peak

By: Emma Jean, Peak Associate

CJSF, SFU’s independent radio station, marked their fourth annual Fundrive from November 1–7. The station asked listeners to pledge money to keep them independent and able to truly represent their grassroots community. 

Although CJSF accepts donations anytime, this year’s Fundrive was the first fundraiser in their new location. Gone are the days of wet, concrete offices in the Rotunda. 90.3 FM is now broadcasting from its new home on the shiny first floor of the Student Union Building (SUB). The station’s financial goal for 2021 is $12,000. 

This year’s Fundrive theme, “Housewarming,” was a reference to the station’s new space in the SUB, and looked to involve the community in keeping the station running at its finest. It’s a time to get to know the station’s headquarters, but also a time to get to know its programming; some of which are as new as the SUB itself. Meanwhile, others are long-time dwellers of the airwaves. 

24 hours a day, there is a wealth of music not heard anywhere on mainstream radio, mixed with engaging and insightful discussions. While CJSF invites the community to warm their house, why not warm up to CJSF? Here is a sampling of three shows worth a listen. 

Magma Gelato 

This music hour, hosted by Marc Lanthier, lives up to the idea of its name: unexpected, but fascinating and calming. Each playlist highlights a mix of music from around the globe, centred around a specific mood-evoking phrase. A Halloween-themed playlist called “Séance in Sound” features pulls from 80s Italian horror films and their expectedly synthy soundtracks; a relaxed melancholy mix titled “The Blues are Gold and Grey” follows up delicate harp music from Dorothy Ashby with the mellow acoustic sounds of indie darlings Big Thief. It’s hard to predict what’s coming next on Magma Gelato, but it’s certain to be brilliantly tranquil. 

Magma Gelato can be heard at 9:00 p.m. Thursdays on CJSF, and full playlists can be found on magmagelato.com.

Wham! Bam! East Van!

Want to know who’s behind East Vancouver’s arts scene? This program, hosted by DJ Medy, is a great place to start. Episodes showcase a good helping of “Van Con,” music from a wide range of Lower Mainland artists. The show also features an array of guests along with Medy’s warm and ready-for-anything interviewing style (ever heard an interview recorded on a canoe? You have if you listened to the episode with punk singer Billy Hopeless). Recent episodes include interviews with Hollie Deville, the owner of Punk Rock Pastries, and Panta Mosleh, an actor and horror film cast member. All of Medy’s interviewees share an infectious common love for their communities and the art they create. 

Wham! Bam! East Van! airs on CJSF Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. 

Yuca Stereo

One of the longest-standing shows on CJSF, Yuca Stereo is a breakout star. With two hours dedicated to ska, surf, and rock, the Spanish-language program is filled with banter between hosts Chamaco, Chipotles, Dr. Misterio (who also hosts CJSF’s The Metal Meltdown), Dr. Homo Sapiens, and Viajes Chapa. Dedicated to “breaking the stereotypes of Latin culture,” the program’s signature blend of talk and dynamic music has received recognition from the National Campus and Community Radio Association. The blend of electric jams and spontaneous, open-door-policy chatter makes the program a guaranteed good time. 

Yuca Stereo airs every Friday night from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on CJSF. 

For more information about CJSF’s programs or to make a donation, visit their website.

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