What Grinds Our Gears: Carrying cash

It’s more trouble than it’s worth

I’m sick of fumbling with coins and cash. PHOTO: Krystal Chan / The Peak

by Chitransh Motwani, SFU Student

It’s 2021, why are we still dealing with bills when we could just pay for everything with our cards or phones? As a minimalist, I absolutely hate carrying cash. 

I just don’t want to deal with nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies, toonies, and bills. If I have to pay cash, I have to figure out the math for my transactions, but when I’m paying with my card, I never have to deal with that headache.

The most irritating part is that it becomes a cycle. Once you start paying with cash you can basically never stop. You give someone a bill, they give you change, then you give someone a smaller bill and they give you more change. Now you’re left with a pocket full of coins. What’s more, it’s very hard to keep track of my expenditures when I’m using cash instead of my card. When I use my card I can easily see my spending history online, but with cash, I have no idea where my money went. 

I think it’s time we get rid of these pesky bills and coins once and for all.