Perfect Fit: Spooky essentials

Fulfill your Halloween dreams with these product picks

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By: Sherine Jeevakumar, SFU Student

That time of year is fast approaching where ghosts and ghouls begin lurking around your neighbourhood. I’ve always enjoyed decorating my space to reflect changes in seasons as I find it helps me change with them. Here are a few spooky decor picks that are sure to get you in the mood for Halloween. Think trick-or-treating as a kid, carving jack-o-lanterns, baking Pillsbury ghost cookies, and pumpkin spice everything.

Ghostly drinks

Image courtesy of HoneyandBCo

Who doesn’t love a warm, steamy drink on a crisp fall evening? This adorable ghost mug from HoneyandBCo is perfect for holding your pumpkin spice lattes, rich hot chocolates, or any go-to fall drink. The ghosts are made from vinyl, which means they won’t be going anywhere. This mug can be used for hot or cold drinks and is capable of holding up to 12oz of liquid. It’s a lovely fall-themed addition to anyone’s collection.

Spectral lights

Image courtesy of ShiningGiftDesign

I’ve always been obsessed with the novelty of fairy lights and how well they can create a mystical ambience. These cute Halloween-themed lights come in 10 different styles, ranging from ghosts and skulls to bats and jack-o-lanterns. The string lights are battery-powered and incredibly easy to use. They can be put up indoors and outdoors and can be wound around plants, furniture, and other objects. These vivid lights are a fun way to embrace the spirit of Halloween.

Candles for fall nights

Image courtesy of CandlesWorldShop

This gorgeous set of Halloween-themed candles are sure to help you create a mysterious atmosphere. They’re environmentally-friendly, being made of “food paraffin wax and smokeless cotton wick.” This means you get to avoid smell and candle soot. Regardless of the colour you choose, each of these can burn for at least 6–10 hours. They’ll be a stunning addition to your space for the spooky season.

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