Perfect Fit: fall essentials

From skincare to spices, here are some must-have autumnal products

Illustration of fashion and home accessories (backpack, pillow, etc.) in shades of pink and blue
Refresh your life with these simple style recommendations. Illustration: Kitty Cheung / The Peak

By: Sara Wong, Arts & Culture Editor

Fall never used to be my favourite season, but these days I’m obsessed with seeing leaves change colour, planning trips to apple orchards and pumpkin fields, and watching Gilmore Girls. So, in honour of my newfound love of autumnal activities, here are some items I think will make this time of year feel even cozier. 

Smooth as butter

As temperatures begin to drop, moisturizer is needed more than ever. There’s no shortage of body care products on the market, but finding something long-lasting that doesn’t cost a small fortune can be challenging. Since I discovered Beth and Olivia Handmade five years ago, I haven’t had to worry about the aforementioned problems. Even better, their products are locally-made using all natural ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. The “Calm” hand butter and chai lip butter are my personal favourites and I carry both with me when heading up chilly Burnaby Mountain. 

Beth and Olivia’s products can be purchased from select retailers (as listed on their website) or through their online or Etsy shops.

All for shawls

Pre-pandemic, I worked part-time at Winners. 90% of my shifts were at the checkout station, and I remember selling a lot of shawls around this time of year. They came in a diverse range of colours, patterns, and name brand labels — plus, the average price was $25. The shawl I picked features a white, black, and grey checkered print, but I think any design will be extremely versatile. If you want something warm, yet lightweight for long lectures or need an extra layer while enjoying the last of Vancouver’s patio season, then shawls will become your new favourite accessory.

Spice it up

Photo courtesy of Food with Feeling

Pumpkin spice is everywhere right now, and while I’m a fan of the flavour, I’m not falling for large corporations taking advantage of seasonal cravings. All the ingredients in a pumpkin spice blend — cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and allspice — are pantry staples and can be found at any grocery store. Pro tip: buy in bulk; you’ll save money and the environment. Pumpkin spice is nice to have on hand not just for lattes, but cooking and baking as well. There are plenty of recipes online to draw inspiration from. I’m particularly fond of Sandra Lee’s pumpkin-spiced, prosciutto-wrapped figs though.

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