What Grinds Our Gears: Students who don’t understand the etiquette of a shared laundry room

Let’s get ready to tumble!!!

The real horror story is in the residence laundry rooms. Illustration: Sabrina Kedzior/The Peak

By: Paige Riding, News Writer

The shared laundry rooms in the Towers are graveyards for long-lost left socks and the hometown of bacteria colonies. The white-washed walls below fluorescent hospital ward lighting are unavoidable for those practicing basic hygiene — so a solid half of the residents.

With about six washing machines to accommodate an entire building, all those nasty clothing articles thrown in the wash have a tendency to leave a stench. What makes the creeping odour of mildew from these machines so additionally delightful is how easily it could be avoided. If users honoured the “LEAVE DOOR OPEN AFTER USE” sign displayed over each and every machine and on every wall, life doing laundry would be dandy.

Instead, the laundry room is the hotspot for apathetic students. Let’s talk about the ones who ignore built-up lint. This lint is more easily jettisoned than a student during the break of a four-hour lecture. “But Paige, is leaving lint in there really so detrimental to the performance of the dry cycle that costs $1.70?” Yes. It is a fire hazard that places the entire building at risk. But will that stop Brad from grabbing his four Hollister shirts and two pairs of straight jeans without batting an eye at the pound of lint left in the machine? No.

Half of these kids are so used to their moms cleaning their clothes for them that even the concept of buying laundry soap is utterly foriegn. Perhaps basic life skills like following directions and knowing how to keep themselves clean is too much to ask of the students at Canada’s engaged university.