What grinds our gears: This shifting labyrinth of room changes and construction detours

Why does it have to be so hard to be placed in a good room?!

I’d be better off if I picked a random direction and hoped for the best. Illustration: Danielle Regas/The Peak

By: Carter Hemion, Staff Writer

I’m SO lost in finding my classes. Why? Not only is SFU a maze of construction, but some of my classes just keep changing rooms. I expected to have some changes to my schedule because no semester can start off perfect. What I did not expect was room changes continuing on for a whole month. 

One of my classes has changed its Tuesday location almost every damn class. From Robert C. Brown to Blusson to West Mall Centre to Blusson again, I’m constantly confused about where I need to be. 

And my Thursday class has a different layout every week, so it’s practically a different room every time I walk into it. That’s if I can even find my it at all. I have to follow the signs put up by my wonderful professor, as it’s hidden by construction and in the most inconvenient place possible. 

It’s week four and I can’t figure out my schedule. I can’t find my rooms. I can’t figure out the best route to take because I just stumble across different paths as my classes keep changing. With the construction around the school I feel like Theseus lost in the labyrinth of SFU, and my classroom is the Minotaur — and I don’t even know if that’s an accurate simile because I’m getting lost trying to find my English class!