What Grinds Our Gears: Respect thy neighbour, noisy dorm residents

All I ask for is some peace and quiet while I doze on top of my textbooks

Just because we share a wall doesn’t mean I want to share your music. Illustration: Anthony Liao / The Peak

By: Lubaba Mahmud, Staff Writer

Dear rude neighbour: of course we all love our music, buddy. But while we’re at it, can we show our neighbours in the cramped dorms some respect by loving our headphones, too?

Living in these tiny concrete jails is a nightmare on its own, now add neighbours whose music can be heard from space and we’ve got ourselves a recipe for disaster. Alexa, stop that shitty playlist or I’ll go nuts.

It’s not just music, either. It’s also 10 people talking loudly at 3 a.m. I’m all in for parties, but not when it’s midterm week. There have been days when I’ve almost slept at the library at night just so I can avoid the noise, even though I’ve got a room on campus.

When I have friends over, I remind them that there are people living next door so that they’re not too loud. It’s a simple request and they always understand. But hey, as proven by my gracious former neighbour’s lack of manners, common sense isn’t really all that common.

It is very important for everyone in residence to remember that we live in a shared community where we have to be mindful of other people’s needs. We can’t do anything about construction noises while SFU is expanding residence, but what we can definitely try to do is keep personal noise levels to a minimum.