It’s time to purge points cards from our lives

Next to that 10-year-old condom, points cards may just be the most useless thing in your wallet

Keep your points, I don’t need any more cards in my wallet. Photo by: Gudrun Wai-Gunnarsson / The Peak

By: Nicole Magas, Opinions Editor

These days, it seems as though I have more random junk in my wallet than actual money, credit cards included. Stacks of old receipts from three years ago, politely accepted business cards, and library cards from seven different cities all fatten my wallet. And that’s not even counting the points cards.

I have so many useless points cards, from grocery stores to dry cleaners to bubble tea joints. Despite almost never using them, I still keep falling for the cheerful offers from cashiers trying to line my wallet with more useless garbage.

It’s not like I get much out of points cards anyway. A free jug of milk every now and again when the cashier even remembers to ask, “Would you like to use points today?” That’s hardly worth the effort of struggling to find the right card while the people in line behind me glare death into the back of my skull.

But the most frustrating thing of all is the speed at which various points cards become obsolete. Just when I get used to the look and location of one card in my wallet, the store switches it up with a new bullshit system!

So imagine my frustration when I went to buy groceries at Nesters last week, only to be told that they no longer accept their points card. Now if I want to access my occasional free jug of milk, I need to download yet another useless app onto my phone and scan from there

That’s it! I’m putting my foot down now. I’m not going to clog up my phone just to slim down my wallet. They can keep their points! I didn’t need that milk anyway.