What grinds our gears: The egg-shaped chairs of Vancouver campus

Illustration by Carolyn Yip/The Peak

Written by: Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

I used to spend a lot of time doing homework at the Vancouver campus inside Harbour Centre. I never had classes there, but being quiet and close to great places for lunch made it worth the trip for a pleasant and unique work space. There’s also always plenty of chairs all around the second floor with power outlets next to them, meaning I can keep my laptop charged while I work in comfort.

But unfortunately, many of the seats take the form of a vexing ovular chair, and these might be the greatest trap I’ve fallen into as a student.

These egg-shaped chairs seem comfy at first, with their curved, padded seat and huge width to stretch out in. But after getting inside, you’ll quickly realize just how big it is, as you keep readjusting yourself in pursuit of the most comfortable way to rest your body inside it. Maybe you’ll try putting your legs inside, or recline as far out as you can, or awkwardly shift your weight diagonally, but you’ll never find true comfort just because of their unusual shape.

What’s most distracting about them, though, is their ability to rotate, which lets you fidget way more than you should be able to in a work environment. The last time I was in one, I couldn’t get halfway through my reading because my legs felt exhausted as I rocked myself left and right, almost putting me to sleep like the large baby I truly am inside. These chairs are stylish and unique, but if they were my only option, I wouldn’t hesitate to just leave the campus and look for a coffee shop to work at instead.

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