Album Reviews


By: Marco Ovies, Geron Malbas, and Winona Young

Heard It In A Past Life, Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers got her start after a video of her performing impressed Pharrell. From there on, Rogers rightfully caught the attention of the alternative music world. In her latest album, Heard It In A Past Life, it’s clear Maggie Roger’s started to find her unique sound. She continues to show off amazing lyrics on top of unique electronic beats in songs like Alaska,” and “On + Off.” But we start to see a return to her singer-songwriter roots in songs like “Light On.” Rogers lets her vocals take the forefront over stripped back instrumentals, showing off her natural talent. The album comes full circle with the final track “Back In My Body,” which echoes the first track, “Give A Little.”

Maggie Rogers’ debut album has developed her unique sound and earned her a spot as one of the best alternative artists of our generation so far. – MO


Assume Form, James Blake

Being a James Blake fan during a time in my life wherein catharsis meant listening to sad, slow songs, I fully expected his new album, Assume Form, to bring back all of those feelings and emotions — especially since this album was made with his girlfriend in mind

However, I found myself very surprised by just how much more upbeat and expressive the album was in comparison to his previous work, almost as if he pumped this album with affectionate love. It still feels like any other James Blake album, in the sense that it has ominous, sensual, and dark tones to vibe of each song, but it just has this life to it that you do not usually see from his music.

Artists such as Metro Boomin’, Travis Scott, and Andre 3000 feature on notable tracks such as “Mile High” and “Where’s The Catch?”, all exemplifying Blake’s love and respect for hip-hop and rap. – GM


Single: “Cartoons” by Louie Zong

It’s charming, it’s catchy, and of course it’s about cartoons — artist and songwriter Louie Zong is back with a new single which is sure to make you think of cartoons way more than usual. While his artistry is best known for Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears (and that adorable ghost duet), Zong proves himself a great songwriter (and singer) on his new single, “Cartoons.”

The music video is self-animated and has its classic DIY charm, being so expressive and comedic. The song itself is a light-hearted rumination on working in animation and the slight exhaustion that may come with it. The song not only showcases his vocals well, but also features fresh instrumentals with a jazzy piano and trumpet.

With “Cartoons,” it’s no doubt that Zong started 2019 on a high note. – WY