Love letter to SFU #2

“...What people miss is that even when nothing’s going on, even in the dullest parts of the year, SFU has spots that are truly stunning.”

Image courtesy of Pixabay

By: Anindita Gupta, Peak Associate

Dear SFU,

You might be drab, colourless, and concrete, but come convocation time, your entire structure hums with hope. The hope of the new and aspiring graduates alike, the hopes in the eyes of the first-years dreaming of reaching that podium someday . . .

Come convocation time, SFU is a different place. It suddenly doesn’t matter whether it is wintry, dull, rainy, or grey – no one lets that bother them amidst the confusion of robes, families clicking photos, people struggling to walk in their heels, and cheering friends (including some with vuvuzelas!)

Of course, Convocation Mall only gets all dressed up twice a year. But what people miss is that even when nothing’s going on, even in the dullest parts of the year, SFU has spots that are truly stunning. All over the school, there are little places where I fall in love again and again.

If you’ve ever been to the study area under the Images Theatre, you know what I’m talking about. No, no, not the study spot directly underneath – the one looking out at the AQ pond, where the stairs almost cut into the scenery to make it look all the more magical.

Looking at the scene while studying with a big cup of tea, it all seems like something out of a movie, especially when the view is covered in snow or red leaves. A lot of the time, though, actually studying there is tough, because of its beauty. It’s distracting!

But if you’re really looking for a place to take a breather, try the terrace above the Rotunda. Both sides of that terrace are places you could go to at any time of day, in any season, to feel oxygenated and fresh. Whether you’ve been stressing about something all day, studying for a long time, or feuding with group members on ideas for a group project, it’s a great go-to spot to relax and empty your mind.

When I had class in West Mall, I remember getting up there, on the side that looks out over Terry Fox Field, almost every single day on my way back from class. I loved taking in the city and the roads leading up to SFU. This may sound like the most cliché thing ever, but time stands still.

So in short, SFU, thank you for your pockets of beauty.