Staying In: The Mindy Project

If you’re staying in next Saturday night, cut out browsing time, and catch The Mindy Project on Netflix

By: Kitty Cheung, Peak Associate

     Are you a sappy, hopeless romantic who recites the lines alongside Meg Ryan as she declares her love to Tom Hanks? Are you down to kick your feet up and laugh alongside a strong feminist heroine? Well, good news: The Mindy Project is the next lighthearted comedy to fill the deepest of your Saturday night couch potato desires! Mindy Kaling was hailed as a groundbreaker for creating and starring in her own television show as an Indian-American woman, and in The Mindy Project, Kaling offers an exaggerated version of herself to the audience.

     Her protagonist, Mindy Lahiri, is a melodramatic, egotistical, totally extra hot mess who will keep you laughing with her sharp quips and embarrassing exploits. Mindy is a successful OBGYN working in a professional practice alongside kooky and lovable characters, often rushing to the hospital to deliver babies as well as punchlines. As an established career woman, audiences are asked to join Mindy as she searches for love and self-growth in a haze of smart and satirical rom-com tropes.

     This show delivers clever, self-deprecating humour in an upbeat way. Mindy’s fearless and unapologetic jokes hit hard as she promotes body positivity, feminism, independence, and self-love. Laugh along with Mindy, and wallow alongside her on the pink rug of her office during times of heartbreak and despair.

Best for:

  • Hopeless romantics
  • Comedy goofs
  • Unapologetic feminists

Available on: Netflix (all six seasons)