Bus drivers who spam the “please move to the rear of the bus” button

Photo by Jason Margolis

Written by: Gene Cole, Peak Associate

I have a lot of respect for bus drivers. They have to deal with some of the scummiest people out there, such as those who get in the way of the wheelchair ramp, or those who stand ahead of the yellow line for no reason.

However, when they incessantly press the “please move to the rear of the bus” button when a blockage happens, it becomes the rare occasion where I seethe at them.

This button is the most passive-aggressive and stressful thing to hear on the bus. It usually only happens when one person settles too early in the hallway, but apparently we all need to hear it a million times as if we can do something about it. Do you expect us to stampede? Or punch fellow passengers until they learn human decency? I have enough to cry about on the bus without having to care about my co-passengers’ incompetence.

I agree, the people who aren’t moving to the back of the bus are monsters who deserve to be thrown out the window. But drivers, please call them out personally and stop using this button. If they don’t respond the first time, another 50 presses ain’t gonna cure their lack of basic transit etiquette.