WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Revenge of the remake

Photo by GeekTyrant

Written by Alexander Kenny, Peak Associate

The overabundance of remakes, sequels, and superhero movies in theatres is starting to become incredibly boring. It feels like over half of theatre releases fit one of these categories! I can’t tell what’s worse: the most recent Terminator movies, or Jurassic World with Chris Pratt, which is just an extension of the trilogy which spanned from 1993 to 2001. These sequels are just unbelievably redundant. Once the nostalgia factor wears off, these films are just formulaic and capitalizing on franchises. Each is like a lazier version of its original from a few years ago — but, look, this one has Chris Pratt! If I wanted to watch something purely because of a brand name, I’d see Queen in concert. At least the original members are still involved. There are nearly two dozen movies in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few of them have been great, such as Avengers: Infinity War. However, a majority have been forgettable, just one wave after another. They’re not big releases anymore, they just happen. It’s all become about milking brand names, which is truly reducing compelling storytelling. It’s fine when it happens every once in a while, but it’s done so frequently now that it doesn’t even register. We need more movies like Spotlight or The Post, with Tom Hanks. Come to think of it, anything with Tom Hanks is a movie worth watching.