WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Construction everywhere, all the time

Photo courtesy of Revery Architecture

Written by Courtney Miller, Peak Associate

As a concept, construction is great. It provides jobs, improves infrastructure, and generally leads to improved quality of life. However, when I have to recalculate my route to class to avoid not one, not two, but three or more simultaneous construction projects, present-me doesn’t give two shits about the benefits future-me may or may not see (see: the Student Union Building).

Everywhere I look there’s scaffolding or the largest “straight out of a circus movie montage” white tarps I’ve ever seen. Whenever I arrive at class without a one-inch layer of sawdust coating me, I have to remind myself that life is about those little victories. But that’s not all! There are loud noises during class that my professors apologize for, even though it is precisely 0% their fault!

Like, okay, fine, have a construction project, but SFU, would it kill you to finish one project before starting another?