WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Lack of food variety at the SFU Burnaby campus

Courtesy of Parkerpages

Written by Nathaniel Tok

Does anyone else find it annoying that so many of our university’s gastronomy options are monopolized by certain foods? Between SFU Burnaby and the nearby UniverCity, there are at least three sushi places, two pizza places, three burger places, two sandwich places. . . you get the idea.

I know that most of these places have been at SFU for a while but come on, isn’t there something more interesting to sell? Where is my paella? Where are my perogies? The best way for different people and cultures to engage the world is through sharing food, because food makes people happy.

SFU, if you’re listening, that new Student Union Building had better be overflowing with new and exotic foods. I want to eat foods from all around the world, since at this point, that’s the closest my broke ass is going to get to travelling.