Stuff we like and don’t like

(Elena Hsu / The Peak)

By: Jennifer Russell

Stuff We Like:

New Girl

If you’re looking for an entertaining show to binge on Netflix, look no further. New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day, is consistently hilarious from season 1 through 6.

     The show begins with Jessica discovering her boyfriend is cheating on her. She then moves out, and through a Craigslist advertisement, ends up becoming a roommate to three guys. The show follows the roommates as they deal with their messy love lives, strange work issues, and unique drinking games. The quick jokes and pop culture references happen so fast they might go over your head, so pay attention! It’s essentially Friends, but funnier — don’t even try to argue until you’ve watched it yourself.

Stuff We Don’t Like:

Riverdale is a drama series that is supposedly based on the Archie comics, but realistically the show simply takes the character names and that’s it. There is almost no other connection to the comics. Jughead doesn’t even eat a hamburger! Beyond the characters being different than expected, the writers seem confused about who their target audience is.

     When Riverdale was first released, I heard men and women from ages 25 through 40 eagerly awaiting new episodes, because they expected to be able to reminisce over the comics. The dialogue feels clearly targeted towards teens, and yet some scenes (such as the one where Betty pole dances) suggest this is for a slightly older audience. Beyond the inconsistencies, the plotline is honestly laughable. Even though this show feels like an unorganized mess, I must admit . . . it’s addicting.