PEAK SPEAK: What was the best part of 2017?

Intra Nilroy

First-year engineering

“My favourite moment in 2017 was the SFU holiday video which I did with my friends. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Zubair Shibly

First-year engineering

“The best thing about 2017 is that it’s over.”

Sun Chang

First-year engineering

“So, my favourite thing about 2017 was [. . .] spending time with friends and family because they supported me throughout the year, and I’m looking forward to 2018 with them again!”

Fatima Hassan

Second-year criminology and psychology

“So, my favourite part about 2017 would be starting the new year here in Vancouver. I moved here last September, and that was my favourite part.”

Vanessa Nethania

First-year business

“My favourite part of 2017 is that I got to live in Bali for four months and travel everywhere, and that’s amazing!”

Shahvir Sarkary

First-year business

“The best part about 2017 was I started working out and yeah, that’s about it.”

Mykhailo Novytskyi

First-year business

“For me, the best part about 2017 was that I started learning Italian.”