Bid to change focus of Accessibility committee approved

The SFSS Board of Directors has widened the scope of its Accessibility Fund committee with the intent to move beyond reviewing grant requests towards accommodation.

The changes to the committee terms of reference were passed unanimously at the board meeting on July 10.

“On top of just reviewing grant proposals, we’re also looking to support students with disabilities [through] raising awareness, but also looking for events,” vice-president student services Jimmy Dhesa told the board.

The committee is now tasked with engaging with members with disabilities in addition to working with the university and making recommendations for the approval of accessibility grants to the board.

Board sends six delegates to student union conference

Two vice-presidents and four other members of the board were approved for funding to attend the Student Union Development Summit at UBC in August. The total cost of sending the members to the conference is expected to total $3,600.

The board had proposed to only send four members to the conference, however when more members put their names forward, it decided to increase the budget.

The budget was allocated to cover accommodation and conference fees and passed unanimously by the board.

Changes underway to SFSS granting

The board received an update on a project to reform its granting process for clubs, student unions, and constituency groups.

“Essentially, it’s an overhaul of the current granting process to make it more accessible, and [easier], and more direct,” explained Jeffrey Leung, applied sciences representative.  

The board intends to review the changes at a future meeting before sending the document to student groups to gather their feedback.

SFSS plans fall referendum on new bylaw changes

The SFSS has revealed plans to unveil a new set of proposed bylaw changes at the board meeting on July 24.

The committee tasked with the revisions will look for board approval before proceeding with an intended fall semester referendum on the changes.

Earlier amendments to the bylaws sent to referendum during the spring election failed after it did not achieve a 75% ‘yes’ vote. At the time, some students voiced their concerns over the proposed changes.

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