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CANADA – Canada negotiating an extradition treaty with China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that Canada is negotiating an extradition treaty with China. The controversial treaty, which would allow China to pursue people living in Canada for crimes committed in China, comes with major ethical concerns considering China’s human rights record. One such issue is that China employs the death penalty, which is unconstitutional by Canadian standards. NDP leader Tom Mulcair has criticized the treaty for this, while Trudeau has stressed Canada’s “extremely high standards” during negotiations.

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SWITZERLAND – Referendum increases government surveillance powers

In Switzerland, a new law has been approved democratically through a referendum, giving the Swiss government greater jurisdiction in its ability to monitor private communications. The Swiss government, when necessary, now has the ability to listen to phone conversations and read private emails. Switzerland has previously had very well-protected individual privacy, with people wary of surveillance after a government spying scandal was uncovered in the 1980s. However, fears have risen in light of terror attacks in its neighbouring country, France, causing 65.5 percent of voters to support giving up their privacy for increased security.

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SYRIA – Difficult to maintain precarious Syria ceasefire

The ceasefire in war-torn Syria has been described as desperately needed by its people, many of whom are displaced and struggling to rebuild. However, the ceasefire is fragile, and reports have claimed it has already been broken after a United Nations aid convoy fell victim to an airstrike. Syria has blamed the United States for ending the ceasefire, whereas the United States points towards the airstrike as a showcase of Russia’s lack of commitment to bringing peace to Syria. Regardless, the collapse of the ceasefire may worsen the struggle of the people of Syria.

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