FOOD FIGHT: Neverland Tea Salon is tea-rrific

Bone china, unique teas, and pastries bring an air of whimsy to Kitsilano's Neverland Tea Salon.

Walking into Neverland Tea Salon in Kitsilano is like walking into a storybook. With fine bone china hanging from the ceiling and whimsical-looking furniture, you are instantly transported to Neverland. The entire atmosphere is very prim and proper, and if this what being a grandmother is like, I could be one.

The Neverland Grande High Tea is the best bang for your buck, and won’t leave you as broke as some other high tea places. It consists of five savoury courses, four sweet courses, a choice between a sweet or savoury scone, and unlimited tea for only $32 a person. A splurge, but a worth-it kind of splurge.

The savoury courses were fancied up versions of your favourite classic sandwiches, like egg salad or grilled cheese. My personal favourite was the croissant, which had pesto, mushroom paté, and a beautiful, thick slice of brie cheese.

I didn’t care much for the chicken salad, which was basically like your jeans-wearing cousin showing up to your formal Christmas party, or the grilled cheese with the Dijon mustard (because really, who wants a green-coloured grilled cheese sandwich?).

All the sweet courses were on point, with my personal favourite being the pumpkin-chocolate swirl cheesecake. I might be basic, but that cake was amazing. I also chose a sweet scone that had lemon zest and sugar, accompanied with Devonshire cream and strawberry jam. It was the best scone I have ever had, with just the right amount of crunch on the outside, and a soft and flaky inside that wasn’t dry like most other scones. Because of this, scones have levelled up from cardboard substitute to edible carbs.

But the main attraction was definitely their tea selection. Regardless of what tea you love, there is something for you. The great thing about Neverland is that you aren’t restricted to one tea: your unlimited tea can change each time you run out. For an adventurer like me, I tried three different teas: lavender earl grey, Mumbai chai, and vanilla ice cream. My favourite was the lavender earl grey, which has now become one of the new basic flavour combinations. Just one sip of this and you are wrapped up in a blanket of lavender.

The service was incredible and the servers are really friendly and knowledgeable about the various teas, the blends of flavours, and what goes well with what items if you choose to order à la carte. If you’re feeling like something small, you can go for the demi-tea. If you’re feeling really grown up, you can add $8 to the Grande High Tea and get a glass of prosecco or a mimosa to go with all of the perks of the tea.

The next time you’re in Kits, do yourself a solid and fly over to Neverland. One final tip: in the Vancouver Entertainment Coupon book (a book that is usually sold in local schools for fundraising), there is a coupon for buy one high tea, get one free. It really makes it worth your while, and just makes everything that much more delicious!


  1. Several other “High Tea” places in other parts also.

    Truffles in the VanDusen Gardens on 5251 Oak Street.

    Very pretentious and tiny space L’Opera Patisserie in the Richmond Hilton, but entrance outside at 153-5951 Minoru Blvd. See the gold and diamente mobile phones on the tiny tables. Goggle at the prices.

    Patisserie Für Elise, in an old house attached to the Jameson towers near Downtown Public LIbrary 847 Hamilton Street.

    Many hotels try this idea for a while, And there is always a wishful hopeful person trying to open on somewhere on Sixth Street, New West, other downtown or Uptown.

    Remember to eat and drink vvv-eerrrrry sssslllllwwwly to savour the “experience.”