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Robert Rouse is the professor leading the new Games of Thrones course offered at UBC

UBC launches Game of Thrones course

[VANCOUVER] – Can’t wait for season six of Game of Thrones? Well, UBC is offering a course that might satisfy you for the meantime. Associate Professor of Medieval English Literature Robert Rouse is running a small class of 16 students this semester in a class aimed at discussing the themes of the popular fantasy series by George R.R. Martin. Covering topics such as politics, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, and more, Rouse hopes to emphasize the concept of power used in the novels.

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Regina students get better connected

[REGINA] – Students at the University of Regina will be the first in Canada to experience a new wireless technology called HetNet. Short for Heterogeneous Networks, HetNet is made of small cellular antennae which can “provide deep penetration indoor, high capacity LTE coverage,” which will allow data signals for cell phones to be easily detectable indoors.

The technology was initially developed by graduate students to gain first hand experience working on a brand new technology. Now, the technology has been installed in two campus buildings.

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A safe space for LGBTQ+ students to work out

[MONTRÉAL] – Gyms and fitness centres can be an intimidating and often unsettling experience for some, as classes and centres can tend to be gendered. Former McGill student and national synchronized swimmer champion Shannon Herrick aimed to change that.

Queerobics started in parks throughout Montreal and focused on being a safe space for physical fitness. The program has since expanded to McGill and Concordia. Herrick designs her classes to be non-intimidating and to encourage body positivity.

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