Grizfolk produces music that is anything but grizzly

Grizfolk drops first full length album following successful EPs.

Grizfolk is an alt-rock band from LA which has just released its debut album, Waking Up the Giants. Their hard work and determination shows through in their song-writing and flawlessly executed tunes.

Although the whole album is amazing and endlessly quotable — “The struggle you are up against makes you what you are” from “The Struggle” — there are some songs that stand out more than others.

“Hymnals” is my favourite, and one that has found a permanent home on Waking Up The Giants after having been on both of their EPs — From the Spark and From the Road. It’s got a wicked beat, amazing vocal melody, and is just really well put-together.

Another track that’s been around since before Waking Up The Giants is “The Struggle.” The song is really easy listening and perfect for belting out in a rainstorm.

In the same vein, “Troublemaker” is super catchy, with an epic bass intro. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling badass or want to feel badass and maybe a little sexy. I dub it worthy of shower karaoke.

The title track — “Waking Up The Giants — is well-crafted, and it builds into this really full-sounding song. If you were watching Grizfolk live, this is the one to which you’d whip out the lighters and soulfully headbang.

If you’re looking for something up-beat and overflowing with happy vibes, “Waiting for You” is the one for you. With Valentine’s Day coming up, passionately serenading your significant other with this tune can only score you big bonus points.

“Vagabonds” tells the story of an outlaw desperately needing validation, and has a majestic sound reminiscent of the soundtracks to The Lion King or Titanic. “Bounty on My Head” continues this outlaw theme with a toe-tapping beat and great guitar riffs.

Finally, the perfect finish to the album is “Wide Awake.” A little rockier than the previous tracks, it has a harder feel while at the same time being musically optimistic in a way that will lift you out of whatever funk or rut you’re in. 

The whole album has this way of making you feel epic, which makes it the perfect soundtrack for any journey into a battle for which you need to be extra psyched. Midterms, job interviews, essays — they’ll all crumple before the awesomeness of you and Grizfolk.