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SFU Woodward’s is putting on a lecture and performance event with Lief Hall titled “Mythology, Gender and Cyber-virtual Identity in Pop Music Performance.” On Nov. 9 starting at 8 p.m., Hall will take attendees through an exploration of how gender is shaped in popular culture by influences like mythology and science fiction.

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Visiting professor of humanities Ferenc Erős will deliver a paper on the psychoanalytical effects of the Iron Curtain’s long-standing division of Europe. “Psychoanalysis Behind Iron Curtains” will take place on Friday, Nov. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m.

In describing the event, Erős elaborated, “I am focusing on the mostly untold story of the Hungarian psychoanalysis behind the Iron Curtain, its (self)liquidation [sic] in 1948, its underground survival until the 1970s, and its revival in the 1980s.”